Are you looking for ways to elevate your brand and drive more unique audience engagement and awareness? 

Wally is Pioneering the New Frontier of Outdoor Advertising.  Wally has a partner network of 100+ commercial building owners to help brands reach their audience via projection technology.

If you are a brand looking to get in front of new or existing customers in innovative ways let’s talk.

Wally is the future of OOH. Our chief goal at Wally is
to find artistic and innovative ways to reach your audience
and drive engagement for your band.

We have completely re-imagined OOH Advertising and
have built a network of commercial building partnerships
that exhibit your content in highly concentrated areas via
innovative static, video and live stream content. Our
propriety projection advertising is eco friendly and speaks
directly to your target audience at the right moment for
a highly engaged user experience.

Captivate audiences is One Of The Most Coveted
And High Demand Media Markets in the World

Research continues to show that consumers react more
favorably to outdoor media than they do in-home media,
due to digital immunity of content and ads. When a consumer
views Wally content from their vehicle or on foot, thay are more
likely to notice the ad, read it and respond favorably to it.
The Wally experience couples location, verbiage, and creative
design to create custom content experiences to a specific cross
section of the population.

Penetrates Areas Where Other Out of Home Coverage is Limited or Unavailable

Wally Projection Technology is a first in class platform which gives
brands a new and innovative way to reach their audience on the go.
Our platform is built at the intersection of data, design, and audience
engagement. It’s our goal to create a standardized, consistent,
engaging and fun experience while offering value to each and every brand.
Our platform has proven to be 6.7 times more engaging than your
standard OOH units.

Wally's Reach

Impressions Served
Total Available Market

Over 100 Wall Locations
Activated Monthly

Join Over 300 Brand
Partners In Los Angeles